Coach - Scientist - Artist - Humanist - Hangglider Pilot

My unique approach: most of HEALTH happens between our mind and our belly

Human physiology and psychology has always been a source of fascination for me! I started reading personal growth books at the age 15 so that I could better understand the world that I was growing into.


It took me 20 years of experiencing anxiety, uncontrolled stress, low self-esteem, abdominal pains, sugar cravings, erratic energy and moods swings before I discovered the powerful intelligence seated between our rational brain (up top) and our emotional brain (our belly).


What a powerful discovery when I finally understood that we are much more than what we eat! We are a product of what we digest and assimilate from our nutrients, our life events, our relationships and all the information that we choose to consume.


AH-HA moment…

Something hit me when I got very ill with what I learned 8 months later was Lyme disease. One day during my darkest time with Lyme and after having lost 17 lbs, I am tired, anxious, extremely week, dizzy, without memory or any ability to concentrate, I can't digest anything anymore, my vision is blurry, I'm searching my words, have pain in every muscle and joint, my periods are now every 65 days, I have intense sweats and chills... I am feeling so discouraged and then I wonder if I am simply dying… 


When my doctor tells me that there was nothing significant in my multiple tests and says that all of my health issues are related to... stress!!! That when I understand that I have to roll up my sleeves and save my own Life. My intuition knows that all this anxiety, fatigue and confusion is not only abnormal but doesn't align with the kind of Life I want to live. Where did my wild, curious & bold spirit full of life went? 


During this time I'm also feeling called to something bigger and in order to get out of this trap, I finally understand that I'll have to fly towards being the best version of myself in order to heal not only my physical body but also my spirit. During this whole quest I can't help but think that I also want to inspire others to do the same.      

 Living into my BEST self

After doing intensive research about the most optimal ways to heal from Lyme combined with doing the inner work in a few steps that I'm inspired to share with you, I regain my full health, energy, vitality, personal power and my Life Over Lyme!


Within a year I healed myself from a stage 3 chronic Lyme disease. With the return of my muscles & vitality, I now work normally, fly my hang glider with joy & courage and I'm so grateful to enjoy sustained energy, inner peace, mental clarity and constant vibrant motivation to accomplish meaningful projects. 

The gift from Lyme disease has been to show me where I wasn't living in coherence with my values and principles in all aspects of my life. Realigning my actions with my values has been life-saving! 


I also learned many things in my coaching program that I had never learned through my Master's degree as a Nurse Practitioner regarding optimal nutrition and stress management. These concepts are included in my coaching programs.


After many years of self-development, I have reclaimed my personal power and life's direction in alignment with my higher dreams and purpose. 


Whether the decision concerns WHAT to eat, HOW I eat, my PERCEPTION of events or the PEOPLE that I choose to surround myself with, I am much more at peace with myself because I make conscious choices that I know will serve my body, spirit and purpose.

The best part of this 

I thrive in knowing that I make a difference in the world by contributing my unique gifts and talents while helping others do the same.  


As a health care professional and a Holistic Health Coach, I enjoy combining the Art and Science of Health and Wellness through transformational conversations. 


I feel privileged to be a witness to my clients' incredible transformations in regaining their energy, vitality, personal power, and self confidence to move their meaningful projects forward!

"I absolutely love to accompany people like you on a self-discovery and healing journey to reach optimal energy, vitality and self-confidence"