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If you want something that you've never had, you'll have to do something you've never done!

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Life Over Lyme - 90 Day Transformational Journey

Maybe you're still looking for answers whether it's Lyme of not. You might have started treatment but are confused about all the changes to make in your life. You want to optimize healing and put all odds in your favour in knowing your best next steps. In either case this health coaching program for Lyme disease will help you integrate the optimal lifestyle habits in order to regain your ENERGY, HEALTH, MENTAL CLARITY and PERSONAL POWER over your LIFE!


Throughout this program you will uncover the secrets on how to accelerate your healing from Lyme disease and how to apply these strategies into your daily life. This approach combines the synergy of a powerful researched and proven natural protocol combined with deep powerful coaching to help you transcend what has been holding you back on your journey back to optimal health.


You will also learn to create YOUR life by your design according to your VALUES, your PASSIONS, your TRUTH so that you no longer need to live the life others want you to live!


You get 12 weekly 60 minutes (individual) or 90 minutes (group) sessions of transformational coaching with the right system, amazing support and accountability to know how to get yourself back in the action for your healing. 


Because there is a Life Over Lyme and you deserve it!  


14 Days Cleanse

Allow yourself to be guided in this gentle yet effective cleanse in order to gain a real ENERGY BOOST! Clean up those toxins that can cause headaches, bloating, fatigue, brain fog, erratic moods swings, allergic reactions and other uncomfortable symptoms!


The program includes three 60-minute coaching sessions and is a good appetizer to the 90 Day Intensive Program. It's also a perfect bi-annual reset.


Trust the process and gift yourself this wonderful clean feeling!

Total Energy and Health Transformation - 90 Day Intensive

A true transformational program to optimize your lifestyle and habits in order to regain your ENERGY, HEALTH AND MENTAL CLARITY!


12 weekly one-on-one 60 minute coaching sessions with the right system, support and accountability to harness your ENERGY and MOTIVATION to serve your greatest ASPIRATIONS. 


Be done with broken promises and the feeling of going nowhere! We all know what to do but won't do it so build the COURAGE to transform INTENTIONS into ACTIONS!


Launch now, you'll surprise yourself!

Personal Development Accelerator

Because our personal growth is in constant expansion, this program offers 6 powerful 60 minute coaching sessions to accelerate your development and propel you towards your BEST SELF!


A real treat to follow the Total Energy and Health - 90 Day Intensive Program with insightful coaching that digs deeper and gets you to the next level!


Dare uncovering your FULL POTENTIAL by waking up this courageous part that might be asleep within!


Could be some of your best LIFE-SOARING flights ever!

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What happens during the Discovery Session?

During this 60 minute consultation, I walk you through a proven process to: 

  • Discover what is STOPPING you from having the ENERGY and HEALTH that you want
  • Develop a POWERFUL VISION of what having optimal energy looks like for you 
  • Uncover which FOODS and lifestyle HABITS are ZAPPING your energy and how to fix it
  • Get on a STEP-BY-STEP plan to DOUBLE your energy and feel AMAZING in 90 days or less 

Dare launching yourself into the action with courage and passion!