Clients' Success Stories

Jeffrey, BC

Wow! Catherine thank you for helping me to feel at home in my body again. In the past the pain and discomfort I felt was affecting all aspects of my life. I felt drained and irritable nearly every day. Now that I understand what I was doing to my body through my dietary choices, your guidance and coaching has helped me to be in an optimal physical condition for the rest of my life! My mind is sharper, my tummy feels great all the time, and I can identify right away when i ate something that disrupts my body. Im thinner and lighter on my feet and my joints feel smooth and flexible. Your use of deep questioning made it practically effortless to learn and I now I can identify and catch myself when old behavioural choices show up because im more clear about what I really want than ever before. my work is more enjoyable and I have access to all the energy I need to pursue my joys in life. Thank you and to anyone inspired by my results; Catherine is there every step of the way. My health and everything connected to it is forever improved because of this training. Get this one done. everything else will be elevated by it.

Dawn, FL

After only 4 weeks of coaching with Catherine I have tuned into my intuition around eating and cooking.

When I’m really present to myself and aware of my thoughts, I’m experiencing something I’ve never experienced before.

Now that I am more conscious, and mindful when I eat, I feel so satisfied, full, appreciative, healthy, and happy to have nourished my body well. I enjoy the food so much more without the need to resort to unhealthy behaviours!

I feel a steady energy, lost some weight unexpectedly and I feel good about it. As a result I feel more beautiful instead of self-conscious and have made my mission to make others feel beautiful as well. 

Carolyn and Catherine at Brendon Burchard's High Performance Academy
Carolyn and Catherine at Brendon Burchard's High Performance Academy

Mandy, RI

Catherine is hands down one of the most loving coaches I know. She has this way of always making you feel heard and remembered. I have lost a little over 20 lbs in the couple of months I've been working with her, was able to ditch drinking without it being a huge deal, and I've worked through some really big walls. As a health coach myself, I have the selection of a huge peer group and I WOULD CHOOSE CATHERINE AGAIN! I highly recommend her for her skills and her big huge heart!



 Sara, VA

Catherine's preset, gentle nature has helped bring about major transformational changes in my life. She has this way about her to help others stay accountable to their goals but with complete love and patience. I always felt I could let my guard down and speak from the heart which I know is why it was such an effective program for me. Thank you again Catherine!!!!


Carolyn, Lake Tahoe, CA

Catherine is a talented intuitive professional who coaches compassionately to gently lift truths to the surface creating and allowing positive and inevitable transformation. I highly recommend Catherine to coach and guide you through her 90-day program. Thank you Catherine! I hope to work with you for years to come. 

Wes, Calgary, AB

I have had the great pleasure of being coached by Catherine. I found out very quickly that she was a person of strong integrity and intuition. She was easily able to meet me where I was at in regards to my health. She provided empathy and compassion as well as a deep desire to help me get to the bottom of how I could be helped to help myself. I highly recommend Catherine as a health coach. No doubt she will be instrumental in helping you to create a most beautiful inner garden for yourself.


Danielle, NC

 Catherine is such an intuitive soul. She immediately makes you feel at ease, as if you've always known her. It was so amazing having had the chance to work with her and I feel as if I've definitely come away with some wonderful feedback. Thank you Catherine!


Catherine is so easy to talk with and she helped me figure out what the main issues were that were holding me back from success. A pleasure to work with!


AliceAnn, NY

I was lucky to have experienced a coaching session with Catherine. We made an instant connection. Her energy, personality, and spirit are amazing! Every client will walk away with the same uplifting spirit and positive outlook as I did. She definitely has a gift for the encouragement!

Ruth, Victoria, BC

I have had the pleasure to be coached by Catherine. Her insights and compassion for "holding space" so I can find my own truths, helped me to move forward in change so I can achieve what I desire. Amazing!